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Aircraft Operational Services


Aircraft Flight Crew: PBAS Jets, LLC. supplies full motion flight simulator trained crews in accordance with the insurance company’s requirements.  We are proud to say that there has never been a flight in this organization that failed to depart because of flight crew unavailability.

Several of our aircraft are flown by  crews dedicated to the particular aircraft.  This is often more cost effective for high utility aircraft or if the aircraft is based in a remote location.  In these cases we are pleased to assess the economies and recruit or supply flight crew.  Our company administers flight crew rotation, payroll and benefits as required.

Aircraft Maintenance: PBAS Jets oversees all scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance. Significant savings can be effected by completing scheduled maintenance at the most appropriate time (projected maintenance).

A Director of Maintenance (DOM) is assigned to each aircraft and is responsible for the conduct of maintenance and the Log Book entries. PBAS Jets tracks scheduled maintenance requirements on a centralized flight log system which also allows for the reporting and correction of non-scheduled issues.

All aircraft are maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s approved program.

Fuel: PBAS Jets keeps accounts with several contract fuel suppliers worldwide and as a result of bulk buying has been able to negotiate very cost effective fuel pricing worldwide.  We encourage our owners to maintain a corporate fuel account in order to monitor the savings.

Hangar: PBAS Jets has a large storage hangar which is reserved solely for the use of our customers, if required. We allocate the cost of the hangar amongst the customers to affect savings in hangar costs.  In addition PBAS enjoys favorable hangar rates in many locations in the United States as well as Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

Aeronautical Charts: PBAS Jets ensures that each aircraft is equipped with the appropriate aeronautical navigation charts utilizing the latest technologies available at the most economical means possible. We ensure that all EFB’s and Navigational Data Bases are updated as required. All such publications are supplied to the customer at cost.

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