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International Aviation Management Services – Welcome to PBAS Jets, LLC.


PBAS Jets, LLC., is a small aviation services company specializing in providing a very high level of personal service in the management of medium and large business jets. The aircraft in our care are engaged both in US domestic and world wide operations.

PBAS Jets has been providing aviation services since 1990 and manages a relatively small number of aircraft at any time, usually seven to ten. Several of the aircraft in our care, we have managed for more than a decade.

All the aircraft are operated only under F.A.R. Part 91 or equivalent regulations. PBAS Jets ensures that each aircraft is in full compliance with all rules and regulations for every theatre in which it may operate.

By limiting our aviation customers to a small group, we are able to limit our administration costs and provide the high level of personal service and operational safety, and still provide economies of scale for the benefit of our aircraft’s owners.

We currently manage aircraft based in the U.S.A., Europe, West Africa and the Middle East. We have also managed aircraft based in Canada, Central and South America.

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