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Aviation Administration Services


Record Keeping: Flight logs, trend monitoring and the oversight and administration of maintenance contracts as well as payment for each aircraft is performed by PBAS Jets, LLC.

Insurance: All PBAS Jets managed aircraft are insured under one “master policy” resulting in average savings of fifteen to twenty percent, in addition to a more comprehensive level of coverage. However, each aircraft coverage is written individually so the aircraft owner can modify or cancel the insurance at any time just as if it were a single individual policy.

Our company fleet insurance is underwritten by an AM Best Rating A+ underwriting company. We undergo periodic on-site safety audits by the underwriter in all areas including our Maintenance Facility, PBAS Jets Operating Manuals and Aircraft Support Procedures. These audits have resulted in continued decreased premiums over the last few years.

Flight Planning & Support: International flight planning is performed by our wholly owned subsidiary, International Flight Resources, as is all necessary over-flight and landing permitting. This company, (IFR), was created specifically for the benefit of the owners of the aircraft we manage. We offer our customers substantial savings in this area as there are no intermediaries.  This arrangement offers a very high level of personal service.

International Flight Resources offers complete handling services worldwide and also maintains global credit for the benefit of our customers. IFR offices are located in Vero Beach, Florida and London, U.K.

Navigation Charges: PBAS Jets, LLC. is responsible for, and pays on the owner’s behalf, all en-route and terminal navigation charges in whatever country they arise.

Customs & Immigration: Our company makes all arrangements and is responsible for payment for Customs and Immigrations as required in each country. Wherever possible, all passengers are pre-cleared as V.I.P.’s.

Surface Arrangements & Coordination: We are pleased to coordinate and arrange for hotel accommodations and surface transportation as required.

Invoicing: A Detailed invoice is normally provided at the end of each month. Other arrangements can easily be made at an owner’s request.

International Aviation Services & Aviation Management from PBAS Jets, LLC
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